Iskandar Studios – Malaysia

Iskandar Studios – Malaysia

Case Study Description

Clark Door were contacted by Sunway Construction to design and manufacture the large acoustic sliding doors and large acoustic swing doors for their project in Iskandar, Malaysia. The studios were part of the prestigious Pinewood Group from their construction in 2010 until 2019.  The state-of-the-art studio complex covers a 20-hectare site and includes 100,000 square feet of studio space. Acoustic doors form an integral part of the TV and film studios’ functionality, to prevent sound from travelling from one set to another.  A local door provider had recently failed an on-site acoustic door test so it was crucial for Sunway Construction to select a supplier with a proven track record for this prestigious development.

Clark Door has carried out a large number of projects in the Asia Pacific region but this was our first project in Malaysia. We were delighted to visit the site and to assist with the initial design of the building, working with Sunway to come up with the best interface options for the doors.

11 of the acoustic doors were 5m x 5m doors weighing nearly 4 tonnes, with an acoustic attenuation of Rw 52dB , so it was important for the contractor to design the building steelwork to be able to support the loads imparted on the building by the doors from a very early stage, in order to avoid the cost of secondary steelwork.

Once the doors were manufactured and delivered from the UK to Malaysia, Clark Door trained a local installation team on how to install the initial doors, then returned to provide QA checks on all the installations.  When the doors were signed off as installed and Sunway were satisfied they had finished the building works, ARUP carried out an on-site acoustic test to verify the building and the doors’ performance.  A Clark Door supervisor was present to ensure there were no issues, the doors passed the acoustic test with flying colours first time and within 2dB of lab values.

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