Horizontal Sliding Acoustic Doors

Horizontal Sliding Acoustic Doors

Clark Door has a long heritage in manufacturing and installing high-performance horizontal sliding acoustic doors.

Horizontal sliding doors optimise space in the majority of door applications. Architects often value the fact that face fitting sliding doors do not reduce the clear opening size, nor swing into the room taking up valuable floor space. Clark Door’s design requires no threshold, leaving the floor clear without tracks, ensuring a smooth floor that is visually appealing and practical for sensitive equipment. The Clark Door top hung design ensures a smooth, quietly operating soundproofing sliding door, featuring controlled acceleration and deceleration cycles in opening and closing. This power operated sound attenuating system is able to operate quickly so includes many safety features, such as instant stop wireless safety edge and constant contact control buttons.

Designed for high performance, reliability and longevity, Clark Door’s horizontal sliding doors are ideal for large openings and as we are also fire door manufacturers, they have the option to be fire rated up to 2 hours to BS EN 1634-1 or other international fire standards . The high attenuation acoustic door design is a product proven with independent laboratory testing and decades of in-field acoustic tests. They can be manufactured up to a sound attenuation of Rw 58 dB in a single leaf and Rw 75 dB in combination.

We invest significant resources into advancing the engineering of our very large doors, up to 20m wide by 20m high, and have pioneered new and innovative horizontal sliding acoustic door designs for a wide variety of applications.

Our custom horizontal sliding door designs can have a combination of features to suit the application including:

  • Noise reduction
  • Fire rating
  • Temperature control
  • Energy conservation
  • Environmental separation
  • Insulation
  • Pollution control
  • Air pressure rating

Sound attenuating horizontal sliding doors solution are ideal for applications such as film and TV studios, performing arts venues, education establishments and specialist industrial applications.

Below are examples of our bespoke, made to order door designs, we are happy to listen to your specific requirements and advise you on a solution.

Other Clark Door sound attenuating designs include Vertical Sliding Doors.

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