Vertical Sliding Acoustic Doors

Vertical Sliding Acoustic Doors

The Clark Door Vertical sliding door is a counter-weighted system providing a reliable, safe design:  ideal for corridors and spaces with limited side room but ample headroom, where floor space may be at a premium.   The design solution provides an unobstructed clear opening access doorway that is ideal for many applications including film studios, theatres and music venues where both high acoustic and fire ratings are required.

This smooth and quietly operating vertical sliding door is available with acoustic performance up to Rw 58 dB with optional two-hour fire rating to BS EN 1634-1 or other international fire standards, thus eliminating the need for additional fire shutters.

Designed and built to provide a space saving and convenient door solution, the acoustic vertical sliding door system is a product backed up by decades of independent laboratory testing and onsite acoustic test data. It features controlled acceleration and deceleration cycles in opening and closing the door and has numerous primary and secondary safety features, such as; 100% counterbalanced design, instant stop wireless safety edge, constant contact control buttons, a braked motor and safety cable.

Product Features

  • Power operated vertically lifting solution for smooth, quiet and reliable operation
  • A weighted counter balance system for longevity of design and safety
  • Featuring controlled acceleration and deceleration over the door opening and closing cycle
  • Proprietary sealing system designed for high performance and long life
  • Proven product with independent acoustical laboratory tests and decades of on-site acoustic test results
  • Fire ratings up to two-hours to BS EN 1634-1 or other international fire standards
  • Factory finished with Plastisol coating, available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, or prepared for cladding


  • Single sliding
  • Multi-leaf doors
  • Moving walls
  • Interior and exterior versions of product

For many years Clark Door has pioneered new door designs. Our factory has manufactured an almost endless variety of industrial and commercial applications including triple vertical sliding arrangements. We invest significant resources into advancing our engineering to meet our customers’ requirements.

Below are examples of our vertical sliding acoustic doors, we would be more than happy to listen to your requirements and advise you on the best options for your application.

Other Clark Door acoustic door designs include Horizontal Sliding Doors.

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