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High Speed Freezer Door
Clark Coldmaster®

Clark Door has been at the forefront of the design and development of cold store doors on an international basis for over 100 years.

The Clark Door engineering team saw an opportunity in the market to develop an air curtain door that was reliable, energy efficient, rapid action and suitable for fork truck usage. This fork truck door was designed specifically for the tough environment of the sub-zero temperatures in busy freezer rooms found in many cold store warehouses and distribution centres.

Customer experience has taught us that there are three fundamental problems associated with cold store doorways:

  • Reliability of a door due to heavy traffic, often made worse by door damage from the misuse by fork trucks.
  • Icing around the doorway and cold store floor.
  • High energy costs due to loss of refrigerated air.

The Clark Coldmaster has been designed to address all three of these issues:

Designed for reliability

Clark Door have videoed cold store doors in several in-situ applications to study how people really use them. The design features of the Coldmaster door ensure that the door requires the minimum of maintenance making it ideal for this harsh environment.

Reduced icing

As many Clark Door customers testify, the results of installing a Clark Coldmaster Door on an iced-up doorway either on the cold or warm side of a freezer are very dramatic.

One of our customers commented “The floor in front of the door, which has been frozen for as long as I have been here, was defrosted within 24hrs!”

The Coldmaster is the only industrial and commercial freezer door on the market that provides a barrier to the loss of refrigerated air when open. It can be used in a range of temperatures from ambient to -30˚C.

The first of the images above was taken in June and shows a large build up of ice on the racking in the cold store warehouse. The Clark Coldmaster door was installed in September, the second image was taken in October and the third on November. As you can see the reduction of ice is dramatic.

Optimum energy saving

The Clark Coldmaster door’s unique design has been optimised to keep valuable refrigerated air within cold store freezer rooms, reducing carbon footprint by saving £1000s in electricity cooling costs.

“The best thing about the door is its reliability and the energy running costs it has saved us.”

TDG Willand

To find out how much money the Clark Door Coldmaster could save your business please do not hesitate to contact us.

High Speed Freezer Door Clark Coldmaster

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