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High Speed Doors & Steel Hinged

Our high speed doors are designed for internal and external applications. The Rapide is heavy duty by nature and in most cases installed on external applications; the Swiftsafe light-weight Rapide is used for internal applications, both doors are designed to cope with high volumes of traffic.

Speed is important, both of our rapid roll doors feature a counterbalance system with AC inverter drive technology – smooth start and stop reduces motor gearbox wear and tear to provide long term reliability.   Speeds are variable up to 1.8m/sec with half speed closing for health and safety purposes.

A fast acting industrial door is crucial for busy fork lift truck activity and with the correct activation system can cater for many different types of traffic.  Our fully trained sales engineers will provide expert advice to ensure the activation method suits all your traffic requirements.

Steel Hinged Doors

Clark Door Steel Hinged Doors offer a mechanically robust, long life solution to closing a doorway to give easy, simple access. Also known as swing doors, they are usually fitted into the opening, meaning that the door frame reduces the clear opening by a small amount. They require space in the building in the direction of swing but offer a cost-effective option to main doorway access requirements. Our steel hinged doors have options for acoustic attenuation and fire resistance.

Clark External Rapide

The Clark Rapide roll up door with high speed opening ideal for heavy usage doorways needing to maintain energy within a building. Its rugged construction, tensioned curtain, counterbalanced operation, with patented edge guide system that eliminates troublesome wind bars, makes the door especially suited for today’s material handling environments. The use of inverter drive technology ensures programmed smooth acceleration and deceleration and variable speed settings to suit your specific traffic needs, and ensures a long life for the door’s drive system and components. Clark Rapides feature compliant safety features you would expect such as monitored safety edges as standard to eliminate curly cables, and optional full width vision panels. Difficult applications are our speciality.

Where security or fire rating is a concern, Clark Door can provide a sectional overhead, roller shutter or sliding door as required, suitably interlocked to the Rapide door for safe operation.

Clark Swiftsafe Rapide

The Clark Swiftsafe Rapide has been designed to offer the ideal solution in doorways to a maximum size of 16sq.m. subject to moderate wind loads. The design incorporates the Clark patented edge guide system requiring no wind bars or solid rods through the fabric, as often found in other designs. For trouble free operation the door features a standard photocell protection to both sides of the door, safety edge return mechanism with no exposed cable, and a simple re-settable ‘breakaway beam’ feature should the door be hit by fork truck or other traffic.

The Clark Swiftsafe combination of patented ‘breakaway beam’ design, high speed operation and standard safety features makes this door an ideal design for many material handling applications.

Roller Shutter & Sectional Overhead Doors

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High Speed & Steel Hinged Doors

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