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Hinged Acoustic Fire Doors

Acoustic steel hinged doors offer a high performance mechanically robust, long life solution to closing a pedestrian sized doorway to give easy, simple access.

Clark Door’s acoustic fire doors are designed with fire ratings to suit the most challenging of applications. Also known as acoustic swing doors or steel hinged doors they are usually fitted into the opening, meaning that the door frame reduces the clear opening by a small amount. They require space in the building in the direction of swing but offer a cost-effective option to main doorway access requirements.

All of these bespoke acoustic fire door options are offered with independently tested door furniture and locking system.

Applications for Clark Door acoustic fire doors:

  • Noise reduction
  • Acoustic
  • Fire rated – BS 476 part 22, BS EN 1634-1, UL 10C
  • Clean room hygiene
  • DDA/ADA compliant
  • Easy access
  • Fire escape
  • Insulated
  • Over panels (uses inc meat rails)

Clark Door’s acoustic fire doors are incredibly easy to operate, and meet the DDA guidelines for opening. These high attenuation acoustic doors are independently laboratory tested and offer superior sound isolation up to Rw 57 dB, giving a long lasting solution that meets both high performance and access requirements.

Unlike wooden doors, acoustic fire doors do not warp or split, and are suitable for high attenuation and fire resistant applications. Clark fire rated acoustic all steel doors are available with a fire rating of up to 4 hours to BS 476 part 22.

Clark acoustical fire doors are custom built and always come as a door set including frame, leaf, factory finish and hardware. Suitable for interior or exterior use with interior and exterior thresholds available. Other hardware includes door closers, a variety of locks and levers, sports hall push bar and panic escape hardware for fire egress doors. Our acoustic fire doors can also be prepared for access control systems.

In addition to fire and acoustic rated Hinged Acoustic Fire doors, Clark Door now offers EMI/RFI Shielding to exacting customer requirements.  Clark Door has provided doors with shielding from potential electromagnetic (EMI), and radio frequency (RFI), interference to protect assets, personnel, and the environment on varied applications including high voltage electrical substations, transmission buildings, as well as EMC chambers.

Product Features

  • Independently tested acoustical doors up to Rw 57 dB
  • Fire rated up to 4 hours
  • Proprietary door hinge with integrated thrust bearings
  • Meet DDA opening compliance
  • Stainless steel finish or factory finished with a polyester powder coat paint in your choice of RAL colours.
  • Delivered as a complete fully tested assembly, including door frame and all finish hardware.
  • Electrical substations and transformer rooms
  • EMC chambers and data transmission rooms requiring electromagnetic and radio frequency shielding.


  • Single leaf
  • Double leaf
  • Unequal leaves

Accessories & Custom Features Available

  • Vision panels
  • Corten finish
  • Prepared for bespoke cladding
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