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Roller Shutter & Sectional
Overhead Doors

We manufacture Roller Shutter and Sectional Overhead Doors specific to contract. Our longest fire shutter to date have been 17.5 metres in width and 3 metres high.

Roller Shutter Doors

Industrial roller shutter doors provide a relatively low cost solution to closing off a doorway opening. Industrial roller shutters are primarily used for security or fire separation purposes, but can be expensive to maintain if applied to the wrong application.  Another function of their design is that they require little space to the sides and above the doorway opening.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional overhead doors are used when side room is limited and a higher insulation value (thermal or acoustic) is required than can be provided by a roller shutter door.  Head clearance can be a challenge but different vertical lift designs including high-lift or profile-lift (where the door panels follow the roof contour) can be used to minimise this problem.

Conventional security, insulated and fire shutters are all part of the Clark Door product range.  These industrial doors feature galvanised constructions with Plastisol or polyester powder coat finishes to suit harsh environments.

We manufacture doors specific to contract, our longest fire shutter to date being 17.5 metres in width by 3m high!

Door drive systems are supplied to suit the specific application with controls designed to meet specific customer requirements.  It works best when we are able to engage customers as early as possible to feed their requirements into our early design stage process.

Clark Multigard® – Security Roller Shutter Doors

The Clark Multigard® is a high specification security roller shutter door, which is security rated to SR3, SR4 and SR5, and is certified by BRE to LPS 1175, issue 8. To find out more, please go to our security roller shutter doors page.

Roller Shutter and Sectional Overhead Doors

Roller Shutter & Sectional Overhead Doors

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High Speed & Steel Hinged Doors

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