Aberdeen Regional Sports Village


Aberdeen Sports Village is a £28 million project providing Aberdeen with first class athletics facilities both outdoor and indoor, a sports hall, gymnasium and a full-sized indoor football pitch.

The project is a partnership of Sport Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen Football Club, Robert Gordon University, public and private sector organisations.

Clark Door worked with the architect and main build contractor to provide 25 specialist fire rated doors to a contract value of over £130,000. The design brief was to manufacture and install steel hinged doors varying in width and height, with 60-minute fire integrity and acoustic sound insulation of Rw45db.

Part of the indoor football arena incorporates state of the art astro-turf, and shown here is one of Clark Door’s large composite double leaf hinged doors. This particular door is 2.9m wide by 4m high.

Some of the doors include vision panel sizes to meet DDA (Disabled Discrimination Act) requirements, but were developed to ensure the price and acoustic ratings were not compromised. This particular door is 1.8 m wide by 2.6m high and is a bespoke double leaf hinged door with a 60-minute fire rating and 45dB Rw acoustic attenuation. The polyester powder coat finish and circular vision panels are in keeping with their location on the internal corridor of the building. A recessed stainless-steel lever handle is an appropriate solution for a busy sports hall facility.

The design of the bespoke fire exit doors in the multi-purpose hardwood sports hall

incorporates a recessed panic escape bar, designed to ensure that people are safe to enjoy contact sports within the sports hall, with collisions against the door and walls being an inevitable function of this room.

This outside view of one of the external double leaf hinged fire door shows the attention to detail to provide a paint colour and finish that blends with the grey outside of the building and the blue interior of the sports hall, at the same time as providing a robust and effective fire exit door.

The unequal double-leaf floor spring pivoting doors allow the architect to make best use of the space available. This is achieved by the high strength of the floor springs enabling them to cope with the large bending movement of a very wide fire door leaf. Recessed into the wall, these fire doors are barely noticeable to the passer by, allowing maximum space and light in the corridor by providing maximum clear opening height and width.

In the event of a fire the magnetic catches, hidden in the recessed wall, are wired to the fire alarm system to ensure the door closes at the appropriate time. The design of the door mechanism is balanced to ensure a smooth action on manual closing.

This particular door shows a large leaf of 2.9m in width, believed to be one of the largest spanning unsupported floor spring fire door in the UK.