Santiago - Chile

CorpArtes was designed by architect Renzo Zechetto and was a $45 million project. It houses a multipurpose 878-seat theatre and an exhibition space of 1,500 square metres.

The client contacted Clark Door in their search for doors with a high acoustic attenuation – STC 60. While the architect had never worked with Clark Door before, we were recommended from a customer who worked with us on similar high performance doors for an International Convention Centre project.

Once the client realised our ability to offer a bespoke solution for their project, they sent the specifications for us to study. The Clark Door design team then took the time to understand the requirements by asking more questions about the dimensions of the space, mainly at regarding side and headroom above the door. This was when the Clark Door engineering team realised how big a challenge they had on their hands, because they only had a very small space above the door to work with, too small a space for the track where the door would be mounted. After giving our customer several options we agreed the best solution for the application and then move forwards with the project.

Our engineering team’s attention to detail guaranteed that once the doors were sent to Santiago, they could be mounted and put to use in an efficient and timely manner at the heart of the theatrical space of the building. This allowed the decorative finishes in the internal areas of the building to be completed.

An acoustic consultant performed an on-site acoustic test of the installed doors; a sound source was placed on one side of the door, and measurements were taken on both sides of the door. These measurements were used to calculate the difference in performance in each frequency, so that the weighted average of the acoustic performance of the door could be found. The doors demonstrated their true value to the client by exceeding the requirements of the on-site acoustic test.

The acoustic consultant who visited the site to see the 60dB door said:

“It was very interesting to observe the difference between when the door was closed or opened, as there was a demolition hammer working (very noisily) inside the building. The door did very well and everyone there was extremely happy with the Clark doors”.

Clark Door’s reputation has grown in South America due to projects like this. We are proud to offer specialist door solutions for international projects, we work with our partners to provide highly specialist and cost-effective acoustic door solutions up to STC 60 and fire-resistant to 2 hours.