TV Studios

Manchester - UK

This client has been a longstanding customer of Clark Door, having carried out numerous acoustic door projects over a 20-year period. Best known for one of the UK’s most popular and long running soap operas, its studios were undergoing an ambitious expansion project.

Clark Door worked with Engie Services and Jenkins Design to provide a 3.2m by 3.3m acoustic fire doors with a sliding feature and two large double leaf doors acoustically rated to Rw 53dB and measuring 4.3m wide by 4.1m high, in addition to ten single leaf pedestrian sized acoustic fire rated swing doors, rated up to Rw 49dB, some featuring vision panels.

Clark acoustic doors are often selected by TV and film studios for their high performance sound insulation quality, to allow single take shots for live recordings, undisturbed by unwanted noise from elsewhere in the studios.  Clark Door’s approach is to provide bespoke solutions that meet the client’s need, from design process through to manufacture and the quality of the on-site installation.  When a client acoustically tests their studio, we request to be present as we understand the importance of high performance doors which are well installed make to the value of a state of the art TV studio.