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Maintenance Requirements & Important Information:

It is a legal requirement to carry out regular service on Specialist and Industrial doors as specified by the door manufacturer.

The relevant Legal requirement & guidance documents include:

  • Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992 (applies to all doors)
  • The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (applies to powered doors & shutters)
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (applies to fire resisting and emergency escape doors)

To ensure safe and reliable operation, regular inspection and maintenance are essential.

The engineering and component parts within Specialist and Industrial doors are complex, heavy and can contain stored Mechanical and Electrical energy which are hazardous if not controlled with great care. As such, all maintenance should be carried out by fully trained and competent door service engineers, electrically qualified where appropriate. Use of Clark Door Ltd as the original equipment manufacturer for repairs and maintenance is recommended.

Maintenance visits should include an assessment of whether the doors design and condition is in compliance to the relevant standards including items such as force limitation and fall back protection to help reduce the likelihood of dangerous incidents.
See for more information.

Typical training and competences required to be able to work on these doors are listed below:

  • Basic health and safety – ECS / CSCS or similar.
  • IEE electrical certification (Current version Eg 18th Edition).
  • Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) Industrial Door Safety Certificate
  • IPAF / PASMA Work at height training – certificate
  • Manufacturer’s product training (certificated if the door is non-standard design).
  • Industry product training if the door is of a standard design.
  • Appropriate experience working on doors of this type.


Maintenance Frequency:

It is a legal requirement to carry out regular service on Specialist and Industrial doors as specified by the door manufacturer.
The frequency of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) visits should be based on the recommendations made by the original door manufacturer, taking into account the door design, estimated number of operations, the environment, and critically of the opening.

Depending on the design criteria, anticipated environment and use of the door provided, Clark Door Ltd will typically recommend that they should be serviced every 6 months unless they are operated more often than designed for or are in especially arduous or critical applications:

Eg: If opened and closed (one complete cycle) more than 15 times per day, the frequency of service should be reviewed with the maintenance provider and increased where appropriate.

During all maintenance work, adequate warning signs and barriers should be placed on both sides of the doorway to create an exclusion zone and help protect people and equipment from any hazards.

Note, Health & Safety legislation requires that maintenance is carried out by suitably trained and competent personnel and that all work is documented and stored suitably for ease of future access and review.

Without the recommended maintenance being carried out at the specified frequency, any product warranty may be invalidated.


Additional information: 

All personnel using Specialist and Industrial Doors door must be trained in their safe operation and instructed to report any damage, defects or any changes in the doors operational characteristics that are noticed during daily use.

Prompt reporting of any issues or concerns with appropriate follow up action will help avoid safety incidents, excessive wear or breakdown and can greatly prolong the useful lifespan of the door.

Any abnormal noises or movements observed during operation must be reported immediately and the door should not be used until the issue is investigated by a qualified and competent door engineer.

Doorways should be kept free of objects and cleared of any debris on a daily basis.

If the door does not have an in date service sticker, this should be reported for follow up action.

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