BBC Scotland

Glasgow - UK

At the heart of BBC Scotland’s headquarters lie 3 of Clark Door’s large sound proof sliding doors. These doors needed to meet the stringent television studio performance requirements. Clark Door have built numerous single door systems with a rating in excess of Rw 56dB, this project required doors at 52dB Rw, incorporating minimum requirements at the difficult to measure low end frequency spectrum. These doors passed the acoustician’s onsite test with flying colours.

The major challenge on this project for Clark Door was to design and manufacture a bespoke system that would fit into the extremely limited headroom, whilst still providing the required clear opening height. Compounding the challenge was the need to manufacture the doors in an extremely short lead time.

These challenges were met by the dedication of the Clark Door team and the bespoke, flexible manufacturing system of our Carlisle headquarters.

Acoustic Site Test

Pink noise was played through the loudspeaker system to generate a reverberant sound field. The results of measurements taken either side of the door were used to calculate the individual weighted sound level difference to establish the acoustic performance of each door.

Clark Door continues to be specified on numerous television and radio studio projects that require high attenuation acoustic sliding and hinged doors. The BBC has been a customer since 1983.

To assist pedestrian access into one of the studios Clark Door were challenged to add a hinged pass-door into the sliding door leaf without compromising acoustic integrity. The site sound test proved that Clark Door were able to design and manufacture a solution that met these requirements.

“Clark Door provide class-leading high attenuation acoustic doors as they are one of the few suppliers who actually achieve what they say they can in the on-site acoustic test”

– Acoustician