The Brakes Group


The Brakes Group is a leading supplier to the foodservice sector in the UK, Ireland, France and Sweden. The group is committed to provide its customers with outstanding service, products and foodservice solutions, its people with a ‘great place to work,’ and its suppliers with a great company to do business with.

“We are passionate about providing our customers with outstanding levels of individual service and we are constantly reviewing our supply chain and distribution logistics to deliver excellent customer service.”

When asked if our customer would you use us again the instant response was “Coldmaster is fantastic, I will soon be placing an order for another two doors.”

When asked about their overall impression of Clark Door, the Brakes facilities supervisor rated our products, employees and overall performance 5 out of 5.

The Clark Coldmaster features a unique patented horizontal air curtain which operates to prevent cold air leaving the cold store and warm air from entering the cold store. When closed the fabric curtains form a vestibule to insulate the doors. In a busy cold store environment, the Clark Coldmaster is an ideal solution.

“The Brakes Group is committed to reducing the environmental impact the business has on both the communities we serve and the countries we operate in. We have ISO 14001 accreditation, an internationally recognised standard for environmental performance.”

The Clark Coldmaster is designed specifically for use in cold store distribution freezer environments with busy forklift traffic.  The door was developed over many years including an independent energy assessment, where the horizontal air curtain was proven to reduce the amount of air leaking from a typically sized cold store by between 60-70% compared to an open doorway. This coupled with a high speed fast acting door means the Clark Coldmaster saves our customers a great deal in energy costs by reducing their fridge load in a number of ways:

  • Lower refrigeration compressor loads due to less warm air to cool
  • Reduced defrost cycles on evaporator coils due to lower icing
  • Lower ice removal costs for taking ice off ceilings and cold store walls and floors
  • Improved health and safety environment with dry loading bay and ice free cold store floors.

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