Designed to keep a busy foundry functioning but ensuring the noise within the building is kept from transmitting into the picturesque environment nearby, Clark Door were tasked with designing several large doors which would provide maximum clear opening height and cope with the harsh sea environment. With temperatures reaching down to minus 20 degrees Celsius and potential high winds on the coastal location this was a challenge that the Clark Door team were ready to embrace.

Our client required a clear opening height of 7.5metres but only had headroom of 3metres above the doorway and only 1 metre of projection space into the building due to the internal workings of the building. Coupled with a high sound proofing requirement and limited side-room, this meant the best practical solution was a triple leaf vertical sliding door.

After gaining design approval the engineering team constructed the first door and installed it on our test rig in our research and development facility. This provided the opportunity to check the design and manufacture tolerances with a functional testing programme prior to shipment of all the doors to site.

These specialist doors were installed on site by our engineering team working in partnership with local engineers. The Clark Door engineering team enjoyed working on this project being proud of their work with good feedback from our customer.

Clark Door continues to provide specialist solutions with acoustic doors up to Rw 60db and 2-hour fire ratings for international projects. If you are looking for early applications advice such as required headroom or structural loads feel free to Contact Us.