Sainsbury’s are very clear about their values:

‘At Sainsbury’s, respecting the environment is about doing the right thing. We aim to be the UK’s greenest grocer, which is great for our business but even better for the environment… By 2020, we’ll have reduced our operational carbon emissions by 30 per cent absolute and 65 per cent relative, compared with 2005* (this is part of our broader target of an absolute carbon reduction of 50 per cent by 2030).’

So it was unsurprising when Sainsbury’s placed an order with Clark Door for its energy saving Coldmaster Doors, after experiencing condensation problems with the existing high speed doors at their cold store distribution centre.

‘Since the installation of the Clark Coldmaster doors our condensation problems have been eliminated. I am delighted with the continued efficient operation of our Coldmaster doors. I had a very good response to any queries and installation times were adhered to, the engineers worked efficiently and adhered to our site safety regulations. The installation went to schedule and ran smoothly.’ Sainsbury’s Site Manager

When asked about their overall impression of Clark Door Sainsbury’s site manager rated our products, employees and overall performance 5 out of 5.

When asked if our customer would you use us again the instant response was, ‘Without a doubt.’

Sainsbury’s later purchased 2 more Coldmaster doors from Clark Door.

The Clark Coldmaster features a unique patented horizontal air curtain which operates to prevent cold air leaving the cold store and warm air from entering the cold store. When closed the fabric curtains form a vestibule to insulate the doors. In a busy cold store environment, the Clark Coldmaster is an ideal solution for a cold store door.

In independent tests Coldmaster’s air curtain was found to reduce refrigerated air losses by 60%-70%. This means that a cold store operator fitting a Clark Coldmaster can now reduce their refrigeration air losses by up to 2/3 with associated cost saving and operational efficiencies of:

  • Lower refrigeration compressor loads due to less warm air to cool
  • Reduced defrost cycles on evaporator coils due to lower icing
  • Lower ice removal costs for taking ice off ceilings and cold store walls and floors
  • Improved health and safety environment with dry loading bay and ice free cold store floors.

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