Kepak Group – St Merryn Foods


St Merryn Foods is a specialist red meat producer, processing and packing high quality beef and lamb, it was part of 2 Sisters Food Group, and has recently been acquired by the Kepak Group. A total of 1,300 staff are employed at its meat plant in Merthyr Tydfil.

The operation has extensive facilities across the UK from farms and hatcheries, to primary production, processing and packing. The business is primarily focused on the UK retail market but also includes important foodservice and wholesale clients in its portfolio.

“We have saved a lot of energy in our cold store, the compressors run a lot less.” St Merryn Engineering Manager

When asked about their overall impression of Clark Door St Merryn manager said:

“110% effort from service engineer and being kept in loop by service office.”

When asked if our customer would use us again the response was;

“Yes, the Coldmaster door is bang on!”

The Clark Coldmaster features a unique patented horizontal air curtain which operates to prevent cold air leaving the cold store and warm air from entering the cold store. When closed the fabric curtains form a vestibule to insulate the doors. In a busy cold store environment, the Clark Coldmaster is an ideal solution as a cold room door.

In independent tests, Coldmaster’s air curtain was found to reduce refrigerated air losses by 60%-70%. This means that a cold store operator fitting a Clark Coldmaster can now reduce their refrigeration air losses by up to ⅔rds with associated cost saving and operational efficiencies of:

  • Lower refrigeration compressor loads due to less warm air to cool
  • Reduced defrost cycles on evaporator coils due to lower icing
  • Lower ice removal costs for taking ice off ceilings and cold store walls and floors
  • Improved health and safety environment with dry loading bay and ice free cold store floors.

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